Proposals – What Not To Do!

HOF Girl, Hearts On Fire’s diamond blogger fashionista and inside connection to all things sparkly shares her tips on how to propose your way…

When it comes to popping the big question…getting her to say “Yes!” should be simple and straightforward.  She should love you, no matter how awkward, nervous or tacky your proposal may be. But unfortunately for all the guys out there…it just isn’t that easy.

Why? Because, most girls consider the marriage proposal the second-most important day to the actual wedding day itself (shocking to hear after all the time that goes into choosing that perfect diamond engagement ring, right?).

There are tons of websites and “helpful” friends who will give you pointers on how to do it “right” and how to make it special. But, honestly…I think it’s more important to just remember a few simple tips on what NOT to do…and then just work your magic from there.

Number One? Don’t over think it, and I mean this. Anyone will recommend that you plan, practice and be creative. But, we’re also not saying to over do it to the point where you stop acting like yourself and your girl get suspicious, or worse – annoyed and angry. Trust me, I’ve heard sad stories of break-ups that happen moments before a planned proposal…

Second, don’t listen to your friends (or TV shows) who tell you to make it big and public. These kind of flashy proposals are right for some people, but more often than not, it’s not what she wants. It doesn’t have to be alone, on the couch on a Tuesday night…but just take a minute to think about what will make you and your girl happy and comfortable before dropping down on that knee.

And finally (and most importantly) – don’t tell too many people beforehand.  It’s okay, and understandable to check with her best friend, mom or sister to get advice on the ring…and to talk to her Dad to get permission. But try (as hard as it is) to not tell all of your friends, or worse, any more of hers. The more people you tell, the more risk there is of the surprise getting blown, plus I guarantee she’ll love spreading the exciting news herself afterwards.

From here…my only advice is to be as thoughtful, creative and spontaneous as you please! Good luck!

♥ HOF Girl


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