Be bold and sophisticated!

 Colourful bracelets made in Stingray leather

Be bold and sophisticated!

From DRACAKIS we are pleased to present the AMELLEE new collection and share the conversation we had with its Creative Director, Emmanuel Akis.

A selection of styles designed for a bold, elegant and sophisticated woman who travels the world and wants to wear pieces that make her feel different.

GLITTER, ONE, CHAMELEON, VENUS, U and ART, Amelleé new collections offers a unique sense of design, quality and style by combining 925 silver with genuine Stingray Leather, Freshwater Pearls and high quality Natural Gemstones.
“The Natural Gemstone is at the heart of the AMELLEE brand and while nature affords a myriad of gems, the stones selected for the range were chosen very carefully to provide a complete spectrum of colours, able to reflect different moods, personal choices and evolving tastes of any individual. As we are dealing with high end silver jewellery, consumer accessibility was also a key factor in stone choices, especially considering the fact that many of our designs are centred around a large central gemstone which could become incredibly expensive when moving into the more precious market. The White Topaz and Black Spinel were chosen as the preferred colours for our paving and small stones because they provide an accessible alternative to diamonds in the world of Natural Gemstones.”- The AMELLEE Creative Director commented.

All gems are carefully inserted using the latest setting and micropavé technology, creating a perfect finish.

We asked Emmanuel about his inspiration when creating the collection.

“As the range is very large and multifaceted, naturally there is a very broad palette of inspiration from a design perspective. However at the heart of every AMELLEE design is the notion of female empowerment through jewellery. It is the idea of a soft feminine narrative juxtaposed with powerful structured geometric forms, bright colours and substance, all embodied in a single piece of jewellery. This story is essentially reflected in the 3 main design muses for the range, namely 1.The Corset and 2.The Cushion Shape 3.The Signature Pink Ruby.

1. The Corset
The corset is the ultimate expression of femininity in fashion as it perfectly moulds itself to AN-34A-YY-P-072the female form like no other garment while conveying potent sensuality. Simultaneously, it has a very powerful and structured geometry. This sensual, feminine and concurrently powerful narrative is evident in every piece of AMELLEE Jewellery, as is the sandblasted fishnet DNA pattern which is directly inspired by the lacing on the back of the corset

2. The Cushion Shape
The cushion conveys the idea of the hard (powerful) and soft (feminine) narrative like no CR-15B-XX-A-141other shape. It has the hardness, structure and form of a rigid square, while simultaneously embodying the soft feminine and smoother aspects of the perfectly round circle through its edges and central belly. A faceted cut stone tends more towards the powerful aspect where as a cabochon stone conveys a much softer feel.

3. The Signature Pink Ruby
The pink ruby represents the heart of every AMELLEE piece. The stone is always hidden inside the piece and symbolises intimacy between the piece and its wearer as it is aVR-12E-XX-A-491_1235x1235lways touching the skin and is hidden from the public like an intimate piece of clothing, unlike the rest of the piece. The pink ruby is utilised as the ruby is the gemstone of love and pink is the colour of the heart. The stone also references the burlesque and corset design inspirations, prevalent in the AMELLEE brand and DNA.”

A collection that includes all colors and suitable for all seasons.

Spring colours are clear and bright with medium to light intensity.
Think of the delicate and splendorous colours of flowers in a spring day. Camellia, Rose, Tulip, Lilac, Magnolia, and Peony.
A combination of paved gemstones: Garnet, pink Ruby, rose Quartz, Amethyst from captivating places as Colombia or Bolivia.

GLITTER Cushion RingsSummer colours are like summer breeze, serene and calm. Oceanic tones in pieces made in sky blue Topaz, blue Chalcedony, Mexican Turquoise.

CHAMELEON Deep Ocean RingsAutumn colours are warm and deep.
Like the leaves of trees during this season, they are tones plenty of rich burnt oranges, browns, naturals, golden yellows and yellowish greens.

CHAMELEON Citrus RingsWinter colours are cool, clear as ice and snow in their purest form.VE-14C-00-J-507
Think of the winter landscape colours. They vary from dark to light intensity always reflecting elegance and distinction.
A combination of black and white Topaz, black Spinel, black Onyx combined with white and grey freshwater Pearls.

About the process in creating these pieces, Emmanuel says: “In truth, the process was very long and arduous but simultaneously extremely rewarding at the end. While I am responsible for all of the designs here in Australia, our production is split between here and other international countries. As such a great deal of resources goes into Sourcing, Stone Cutting, Quality Control, International Communications and Jeweller Training. All of our offshore production in these countries was supervised full time by either myself, our Australian Jeweller or an AMELLEE staff member from Australia in order to attain the quality of the pieces we have ended up with. From initial concept, research, design, manufacture and preparation of marketing material, this collection took 24 months to complete and launch into the market.”

The latest in affordable luxurious jewellery is here with AMELLEE. Exclusive and memorable pieces for a unique woman.



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