The 87th Oscars Jewellery


Yesterday Hollywoods finest graced the red carpet on the 87th annual Oscars to celebrate their achievements in film.

With such an event comes the need for glamorous dresses and extravagant jewels and we weren’t disappointed.  This year Platinum jewellery was the go to accessory for many celebrities. Platinum is the perfect choice for any red carpet event as it holds diamonds and other precious stones a lot more securely than other metals. It’s density makes its one of the most durable and enduring precious metals, not to mention it’s the highest quality metal.

Unlike White Gold, Platinum is naturally white. This means it will not cast any tint into the diamond or gem stone, allowing the stones genuine color to sparkle brightly.

Celebrities in Platinum

From the beautiful statement necklace worn by Zoe Saldana to Jenifer Lopez’s drop earrings, A-lists Celebrities galore chose to showcase their jewels in naturally white platinum settings to spectacularly enhance  the brilliance of their diamonds and gemstones. Evidently its the choice setting to capture the most glamorous and memorable moments.


If you have a special event coming up and you want to capture the moment with some exquisite jewellery, come see us in one of our stores. We have a stunning range of Platinum jewellery with magical diamonds and precious stones. You can also find us online at

What was your favorite piece from this years 87th annual Oscars? Let us know.


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